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Compression Wear For Women

Compression Wear For Women

I have been asked by my fellow running and cycling ladies about compression wear. They have been asking what it is, and why it helps - so I thought I would give you a few helpful tips. Compression gear is becoming more popular among athletes of all levels, and you might be surprised to find that you can gain real benefits by wearing compression wear during your training.

What is compression wear?

Compression shorts, leggings, tights, calf sleeves and tops are made up of a stretchy light material that forms to your body and produces compression (pressure) to your core muscles areas such as your glutes, thighs and calfs. Studies have explored the effects of compression wear on sports performance and injury prevention, and many found benefits for both.


Muscle fatigue 

Wearing compression wear helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during and after training, resulting in better, faster and longer sessions without feeling quite as tired. I suggest wearing them for training and up to an hour after any form of exercise to gain the benefits.


Reduction in injury

Believe it or not, compression wear also helps reduce your risk of strains. Additionally, it has been proven that compression garments can aid in strain recovery. So if you’re prone to this type of sports-related injury, compression tights may work for you. I suffer from shin splints and since wearing compression sleeves or tights have found I can manage them much more effectively.

Reduction in muscle soreness

Compression tights, shorts and tops are a good option to reduce your risk for delayed onset muscle soreness. Compression gear worn during heavy exercise reduces this type of soreness. So give it a try — run, bike, train with compression and see if you notice a difference. These are especially effective for DOM's!


Recovering from strenuous exercise can be lengthy, and muscle soreness is more likely to occur when you’re new or heading back to intense training. Compression wear can actually aid muscle recovery after strenuous workouts and it is strongly recommended that you either wear your Recovery compression wear or your training compression for up to an hour after a strenuous session.

What's not to love! I swear by them and always opt for them on my longer workouts, and Flaming Pink will be hand picking a selection of the best for you ladies very soon.

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