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Why I love the 2XU MCS Running Compression Tights

Why I love the 2XU MCS Running Compression Tights

Review by Rachel - a size 10-12, 5"7 lady

So I am selling these products to help women like you, so I thought why not give a review to explain why I love these products so much.

The products I put up on Flaming Pink are tried, tested, researched and recommended. I want to promote quality kit for your training.

So...the 2XU MCS Running tights. I am in love with these. They won Triathlon 220 best on test and I can see why.

They are lightweight, they are comfortable and they really DO help you perform better in training. I wear them for running and they help with muscle damage, soreness and recovery. They have a sort of mapping inside which fit around your legs and keeps they snug (there is a technical term for this I am sure).

They are also reflective for the winter nights and they look great, I really like the gold over the black, but that's purely personal!

If you fancy a pair and would like to get a FREE Flaming Pink water bottle thrown in, then simply add a pair and the water bottle to the checkout, then input the PROMO CODE QJSXVZ on the checkout page. 

Rachel x

2XU MCS Compression Running Tights  2XU MCS Compression Running Tight

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