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Flaming Pink is born out of personal experience.

As a woman starting out in sport, I found it hard to obtain sound advice on the right clothing, equipment and general advice on training and competing in order to allow me to achieve my early goals.

Now, having experienced sports such as rowing and triathlon from the grass roots through to top level competition, I offer guidance and advice on those aspects that I was unable obtain, when I needed them.

Flaming Pink is therefore born out of a passion for sport, a passion for women in sport and a passion to ensure that no matter what level you are at, women have access to top quality guidance and advice.

We exist to supply durable, high quality sportswear to women who want to feel comfortable and confident when achieving their exercise and sporting goals. We also aim to provide advice and support to women who may either be starting out in sport or exercise, or who may be competing or have a desire to compete at high levels.

Ultimately, the Flaming Pink ethos is to encourage and support all women in all of their sporting endeavours through the provision of sound advice and high quality sportswear.